Grained Frame ordering information

Weoffer custom frames, and also try to keep a selection of frames on hand. On hand frames are priced less than custom, so check these areas first and you may save some money.

Current Frame inventory: Small Sizes ( longest dimension 12" or less) click here

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Ordering Custom Frames

If you need a custom frame, just supply the dimensions you require, the molding profile and the pattern of painting. If you don't see what you need, or can't decide, please contact us. If you can send a digital image of the art to be framed we may be able to offer additional suggestions. Email or

Measuring tips:

  • If art work will be matted, use the outside dimension of your mat.
    If art is on an old canvas or panel, make sure it is "square" (you can measure from one corner to opposite corner, and repeat on other pair of corners; measurement should match).

  • If framing something thick, we can build up a frame to accommodate.

Not sure about anything? Need something different? Please contact us for more information.


Send an email with the information to: and we will return a quote as possible.


Molding Profiles for grained frames

Two inch slope Narrow slope
Ogee Flat bevel edge




We offer a wide variety of authentic styles - all these plus more.

Graining Styles

Grain painting was done in various styles in colors - sometimes cleverly mimicking actual wood, other times a more fanciful version, to patterns that simply relied on color and design for decorative effect. The paint was mixed with vinegar, and manipulated with putty, feathers or other tools. We use all traditional materials, so these frames will age gracefully like the antiques. Our finishes range from dead flat (dry attic) through various levels of sheen.

The designs show some of this range. Traditional base colors were ochre, salmon, red, cream, green and blue. We can mix and match these to create your special frame. We can also use non-traditional colors.


Brown putty graining over ochre base

Ochre Brown Putty

Brown/olive putty graining over light green

Olive Putty


Country tiger over ochre on a narrow molding

Narrow Maple Tiger


Brown putty graining with red and green accents over ochre

Putty multicolor




Country maple brown grain over cream base on narrow molding

Narrow Maple



Dark putty grain over red base on narrow molding

Red Putty





Dark green putty over orange base

OrangeGreen putty




Last update: 11/16/2014

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