The Dogs

Mandy (Cairn Terrier)

The newest member of the household - she arrived in October, 2012, at six weeks of age.

More Mandy




Savannah (Standard Poodle)

Savannah, was born June, 2007 in Maine and arrived in October, 2007.

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Savannah and Mandy


Dog Group


Lilly (Standard Poodle)

Adorable as a puppy, she is now the elder lady of the household.

More Lilly


Clayton (West Highland Terrier)

We lost Clayton in early summer of 2007 at the age of 10, due to lymphoma. During his earlier round of treatment, he became a short-hair terrier. Both endearing and imperious to the end, he is greatly missed.



Left: Clayton in short-hair mode. Above: Shown with his usual full coat and imperious attitude.






Rufus (Cairn Terrier)

We finally had to say goodbye to Mr. Rufus August, 2010.





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