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These are mirrors and frames currently available for sale or in some cases, undergoing restoration work for later sale.

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Large Oval

Large Victorian oval circa 1860- great over a mantel (mirror plate not installed for photo).


#9185 Sheraton with original eglomise panel. Some restoration to gilding, reproduction mirror plate. Circa 1800. Approximately 32.5 x 17.75 inches.

Split Baluster

Split baluster mirror with gilt and black (all original). Mirror almost completely frosted due to age.

Rev Glass Cottage

Small country "cottage" mirror with replacement reverse glass panel.


Rev Glass

Gilt split column circa 1835. Frame original; panel a replica or deteriorated original.

Mahogany veneer empire mirror circa 1840; painted panel a copy of an antique original from the period.


Large Gilt Basket

Largegilt mirror with basket relief on panel. Some older restoration/regilding (well done), with some additional cornice restoration and gilding by JPR.

Reverse Glass Melon

Spit baluster with grain painting "cottage" mirror circa 1835; painted panel a copy of an antique original from the period.


Primitive Rev Glass

Split baluster mirror circa 1835-40; all original, including primitive reverse glass panel.

Gilt Split Column

Gilt split column circa 1845. Some gilding restoration.


Mahogany Cove Empire

Empire mirror ca. 1845 with deep mahogany veneer cove, gilt inner and outer edges.


Late Sheraton/Empire gilt split column ca. 1840 with reproduction reverse-painted panel. Sold.

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