Pair Small Convex Mirrors


I purchased these mirrors a few years ago, and as usual, my own projects have the lowest priority. They appealed to me because of the small size, and the fact that they were a pair, making them a good fit for any number of spaces. Probably later nineteenth century, possibly English.


detail as found As found


As usual, the first step is examination and evaluation, followed by cleaning and disassembly. These had much wear and overpaint, and the spherules had lost much of their gesso. In addition, as is common with round and oval wooden items, shrinkage over the years causes them to go out of round, and have breaks. These seem to have held up better than some, possibly due to the nature of their construction. Some woodwork repair, gluing and clamping, then gesso applied where needed.



Dissassembled Cleaned
Clamped Gesso
Part II: Gilding


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Last Update: 1/31/14