Oval Victorian Mirror


mirror as found

This is a typical Victorian oval mirror circa 1865-75. Wood frame with compo crest and pendant and side ornament; and beaded inner edge. It retains original label. "Gillespie & Vose/Gilders/Picture Framers/151 Westminster Street/Providence, R.I./Directly opposite 1st Universalist Church."
(Apparently this firm was connected with the well known "Vose Galleries" of Boston.)

Approximately 48" high, 27" wide.


Missing areas of compo ornament, gesso losses, worn gilding. Most significant is a break across top (common with round and oval frames); this was repaired some time ago with glue and bracing from back, but whether misaligned or unable to accomodate the shrinkage, it was unsightly. Mirror plate was a replacement.

Other than old repair, there was no restoration. Old repair as redone, to lessen areas of misalignment. Rather than restore completely, areas of ornament loss were replaced, gilded and toned to match, and any visually distracting areas were attended to. Overall,it retains the look of gentle decay, but softer evidence of trauma.

Crest as found





Infills on crest
Infills tinted
Finished mirror


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