Barbizon Style Frame


This small picture frame has Barbizon style cast compo decoration. The finish is bronze paint/powder with an "antique" finish. Likely 1920-30 era, based on style, finish and use of wire nails in construction. Compo ornament for the frame surface was cast in one piece and applied to wooden substrate. A typical repair project, pieces were lost during its life. The finish was still good. Paint drips along the sides may have been either original to the piece, or reflect some refreshing along the way. The goal was simply to replace the missing items, then finish to match the rest of the frames.

damage detail

Frame as delivered

Of course, as I started handling it, I realized that the loose joints were allowing it to flex, which would mean the likelihood of more decoration being damaged - so, a quick disassembly, then put back together.

Disassembled frame

Missing pieces were replaced, and were then toned to match the rest of the frame.


Missing pieces replaced








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Last Update: 10/24/13