regency Lyre Form Mirror Part I


Once this mirror arrived, the first steps were to begin evaluation and dis-assembly. Removing the backboards and glass allows the mirror to be moved and handled more easily once that weight is off the frame.

The mirror plate has a stenciled date of 1991, and the current restoration/regilding probably dates to that time as well.

The design is unusual and striking. The overall form is a lyre, with conforming rope form arms fit into coves, bold scrollwork terminals, a pendant at bottom, and applique reliefs in the upper central section. The most interesting features are the five stick and ball units, and the three-dimensional garland "cuffs" just below the upper scrolls. The concave central rectangle near the bottom held a later addition - removed before delivery.

in its current state, none of the original surface is visible. The entire mirror frame has been regilded/painted. Removing these will give us some clues as to its original appearance. Structurally, the condition is basically good. Some old repairs to splits and breaks are apparent and will be redone, some pieces have come loose and will be re-attached, and some missing pieces will require carved replacements. The rope-carved elements were attached using machine made nails, inserted from the front. These elements should be attached with screws, from the back in order to reduce risk of damage and make future removals easier.



From the van


Back Boards      

Backboards removed



Garland cuff






Scroll detail


  Scroll back  



Rope damage      
Part II


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