Federal Mirror with Scenic Panel of Shrewsbury Part 3




The frame has been re-assembled. Next step is to insert glass and mirror panels. I full backboard will be attached in order to provide more structural strength.


Leaf was laid on the glass panel, and I began etching the design. Afer etching, backup paint is applied to areas where gold will remain; excess will be washed away. Bottom picture shows the back side of the panel with remaining paint work. Not that pretty from this side, but can't turn it over until paint dries.


Leaf on glass backup paint Painted back
Installing panel

Panel is installed. I use the traditional method of angled glue blocks; these hold the panel in place without anything touching the painted surface (although I suspect the original makers used this method because it was most cost effective - scraps of wood being cheaper than nails.

Panel installed

Finally done!


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Last Update: 01/15/14