Sunburst Mirror Part I

Restoration proceeds on Part II

This mirror consists of a circular "rope edge" frame with a surround of scrolls and projecting rays. Wood is carved, gessoed and gilded. Probably Italian.

There are some old repairs, primarily regluing as cracks developed from wood shrinkage.


Missing areas



The frame surround has suffered losses. There is one large loss, and numerous smaller ones (denoted with bright green marking in the photo).



Large loss

Largest area of loss



Large loss back

Large area of loss as seen from rear.

Below are some of the smaller areas of loss:



Point losses 1



Point losses 2


Restoration would consist of carving/attaching replacements for the most noticeable missing pieces. Remaining small losses to tips of rays could be left untreated.    


Restoration proceeds on Part II


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Last Update: 6/25/21