Renovating 35 Fort Hill Street

After a long history as a residence, it was turned to commercial use in the 1960s, comprising offices and apartments. The house suffered numerous indignities over time, from both neglected maintenance and unsympathetic remodeling. An ell originally connected the main house with a carriage house (still standing and converted to a small office building). This ell was removed sometime in the 1960s. We are in the process of bringing back some of its original style and elegance, however, it is not feasible to return it to its original state.

Latest state of renovations


The amazing part of the demolition process is realizing how much actual material goes into a building over the years.

There was enough to fill dumpster after dumpster (and all carried out by hand or in buckets). A pleasant way to spend a summer!

Vinyl siding coming off, and a new front door.
Another new door, and sidelights replacing the solid panel. The finished hallway will be bright and open looking.
Finally, walls!
After a while, you get to the point where a room only needs to be livable in order to be considered "finished". This first-floor parlor shows what the potential is, and gives one the motivation to pick up the tools and paintbrushes.
The floor decoration is painted over industrial grade linoleum. The Indian shutters were found at an auction in Massachusetts. (Clayton wants out.)
With its new walls, ceilings and fresh paint, you would actually want to sleep in this room.

Originally used as a bedroom, this will become a living room. The fireplace and paneling was buried under a plaster wall.

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