Grain PaintedFrames


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We are now offering reproduction grain painted frames in a variety of moldings and colors/patterns. These are appropriate for framing antique pieces of art or Americana, and of course may be used for mirrors as well.

These are available in custom sizes and finishes.

We also have an inventory of stock sizes on hand



Wave Grain


Typical choices include tiger maple, bird's eye maple and mahogany veneer painted in a realistic style. More fanciful designs and colors are also available. Traditional materials and pigments are used, with a finish that provides an antique look and feel.

Corner Samples


Click image or here for larger view.



Brey Fraktur

This is a contemporary fraktur made for us as a housewarming gift by our friend Susie Brey of York, Pennsylvania. It shows the house in Wiscasset, Maine (with the two poodles!). Click the image for larger version.



Mahogany Grained

Mahogany grained frame madefor an early portrait. Click the image for larger version.

Colored Putty

Multicolor vinegar/putty graining. Click the image for larger version.


Nineteenth century pastel in one of Joseph's grained frames.

Custom Frames

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